In dealing with transformation, we are well aware that changing a logo has a nontrivial impact on the identity of the company. So, there must be really a good reason to do so.

Quaeryon is very young, so time has certainly not been the factor that triggered our desire for transformation. Rather, it was a growing awareness that what we did together in these years had made us make such an important and marked evolution that had to be photographed and communicated. Changing our logo does not announce a change that will take place in the future but a change we clearly comprehend today.

We have illustrious examples of logos that changed over time.
Each company made its own “journey” to get to the next station. What you see, through the chosen image, has far more beyond than what the ultimate graphic choice can ever express. A logo, but above all, behind the evolution of a logo, there are discussions, passion, past life together, travel, effort, dreams, experiences and ideas that are the deep value of the logo itself.

The idea of integration

Quaeryon was born in 2009 for a happy intuition of a very dear customer and friend who, knowing us all and knowing our different skills, provoked us several times by telling that we had to look more widely than we did then.
It was thanks to him that we began to look at new professional areas that did not previously affect our attention. It was so that those of us who had always enjoyed technology, complex engineering projects and strategies began to discover that people were an important and stimulating factor that could, carefully guided, give a new value to the projects they were implementing. On the other hand, those of us who had always been concerned with developing skills and facilitating the evolution of people in their professional contexts have discovered that being involved, from the outset, in innovation processes and strategy design allowed us to engage people at a deeper level and activate unexpected creativity.

This is how our reality was born, with the will of convergence but with very different origins, histories and languages.


The first few years had been dedicated to moving from the idea of integration to the possibility of really acting. Because it is easy to understand that different parts are being completed when together, but to do so is a whole different story. Just as opposites attract, repel, reject, do not understand each other, crush their feet… As often happens, to really approach each other and make a real experience of welcoming what is “different” from your knowledge, not only you must have a strong and deep motivation, but you also have to cross steps and subsequent stages of awareness of yourself before you even acknowledge others. We have discovered a lot of one another and, at the same time, we have discovered ourselves. A trip made possible also by many customers who believed and invested in this experiment.

The dream: Humanistic Innovation

At a certain point our paradigm, the point from which we observed the world, had changed. We changed our beliefs and habits, our way of seeing the world became more and more similar, but above all, similar became the way in which we began to want to participate in changing the world of organizations.

We began to think that many things we saw happening didn’t please us, that many companies were losing confidence in dreaming of a future, that business planning was lost, that fears were transforming many behaviours, that some companies didn’t ask themselves at all about the future they were preparing for future generations, that short-sightedness or the excess of individualism prevented some interlocutors from exploiting all the potential of their company, that the environment that welcomed companies, was not taken care of and not even taken into account by the latter…

Together we wondered whether we wanted to work together to continue developing this vision of the world and of the business or whether we wanted to try to do something different, to reverse the trend as far as possible.

This is why we developed the idea of Humanistic Innovation as a philosophy, rather than a planning or approach, which wants to bring the mankind back to the centre, recovering a systemic vision with which to look at things, taking into account the non-linearity of events, the values that one wants to communicate through one’s own behaviours and the value of multidisciplinarity.

Today and tomorrow

So our way of collaborating with customers in their transformative project has taken increasingly shape, stimulating them to build a future in their company that is truly capable of having people at its core, encouraging entrepreneurs to always be able to dream and design the future with passion, to collaborate for continuous improvement both inside and outside the company, so that the creation of value is always seen from an economic and human point of view, and that the involvement of people is a real fact and not a declared intention, caring for the environment and making all stakeholders active builders of their future.

This is what we are today. Two parts that are now really twisted together and that continue to stimulate each other with different “colors”, but that are no longer split into two parts.

We are a group in permanent evolution that, as in a spiral, constantly moves, but with a clear point to move towards. We have collected all of this in a symbol that truly represents our today and tomorrow.