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Q-Labs are research projects that allow practical experimentation of the innovation skills provided by Quaeryon.
Scientific and technological research are at the core of our development strategies.
Quaeryon researchers are internationally active in outstanding laboratories and involved in highly-potential and innovative projects through a broad scientific network.

EPPI (Enhanced Platform for Positive Incentives)®

Switching habits towards more sustainable patterns of behaviour is not simple, for example: let’s think about traffic in urban areas, where private cars are used when the least polluting public vehicles are available; often we use bans when it is possible to achieve significant changes by using Positive Incentives.
Thanks to the MoveUs project, in collaboration with Genoa City Council and Softeco Sismat, Quaeryon has developed a proprietary platform for the management of Positive Incentives, which is unique in its kind.
The EPPI (Enhanced Platform for Positive Incentives)® platform allows to define incentive policies, based on rules that, if respected, allow to charge a virtual wallet with the earned incentives. Learn more: www.myeppy.com

Digital Transformation Lab

What is the impact of digital technologies on the business model of companies? Is it just about making business processes more efficient or thinking about new products and services or different development models? About new routes towards customers or a new Customer Experience? Or both?
Quaeryon acquired specific skills on the Digital Transformation by working on the set up of Fintech and Insurtech, skills that are available to companies in order to take full advantage of the Digital Transformation.

Big Data Innovation Lab

Big Data is now a reality; We are talking about an impressive amount of structured and unstructured data that organizations of any size need to analyze to find valuable information, make right decisions and gain competitiveness; without such an analysis there is a concrete risk of taking business decisions solely based on sensations and not on reliable and real information.
Quaeryon helps its customers transforming “data” into “information” that are useful for decision making purposes and to enable companies evolving their business, furthermore Quaeryon collaborates in the search for the Chief Data Officer, generally a member of the executive management team that mainly deals with the management of business functions related to the valorization of data as a strategic business asset, provides a team composed of Data Scientists, who knows the technologies and knows how to manage the IT data source flow, identify business problems that can be solved through the data analysis and clearly communicate the results to Top the Management.