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The best people see innovation as a system. Together with a precise strategy that defines where and how to innovate, they combine a fast, agile and streamlined development process that efficiently transforms ideas into profitable growth.

Defining the purpose of innovation

Being a leader, maintaining a position, reaching competitors, changing the rules of the game: depending on the strategic intention, the needs and the kind of innovation that must be implemented will vary.
The entire corporate value chain is analyzed with the direct involvement of the top management, to identify possible areas of intervention.

Evaluating the innovative capacity of the company and its talents

By applying a proprietary diagnostic tool (C+SPORT™), made up of more than 120 metrics, it is possible to explore the six dimensions of the company: culture, strategy, processes, organization, resources and technologies.
The result of the diagnosis is a complete x-ray of the company, which identifies gaps and intervention priorities.

Defining the strategic agenda, organizing and practicing innovation

We help management in conceiving and planning what needs to be done to improve their innovation capabilities and define innovation goals.
With the close involvement of the top management, we lead to the drafting of a strategic agenda that will be used to build the new innovative capability of the company. The quantification of objectives and risks is the key element of this activity.

Assess innovation

Improving innovative capabilities is a dynamic process that requires a continuous fine-tuning. We monitor this process through the feedbacks obtained from a balanced set of solid innovation metrics (I+Perform?) that are adapted to the peculiarities of the company’s innovative strategy.
Quantitative metrics are preferably based on a selection of parameters already available in the company. For qualitative metrics, we implement extensive systems to objectify the results through direct surveys based on samples of management and company staff.