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The culture of an organization is formed over time, through its history, values, repeated rituals, relational habits, the leadership of its founders and the following managers. The result is as evident as it is elusive and can be observed through the behaviours usually performed within the context, the mood you feel and the environment you build.
These factors can be attractive or repulsive, performance-enabling or -inhibiting. Culture has a dramatic impact on whether or not a certain strategy will actually be implemented.
Sometimes, as the strategic plan changes, it is necessary, in order to have long-lasting results over time, to work even on the organization’s culture itself. We work with the leadership teams both to make themselves aware of the characteristics of their own culture, recognising its potential and limits, and to transform it, if necessary, creating a supportive environment for the realization of a future based on the new strategic direction.

Culture Assessment

We take a picture of both the current and the desired culture to compare them with the new strategic needs, in order to create an action plan of the transformative process, consciously desired by everybody.
This goal is accomplished by involving the entire organization to encourage participation and responsibility. The use of specific diagnostic tools allows precision in the representation, rapidity of execution and provides a shared map for the development of a transformational action plan.

Values map

Values are the mirror of what is important for people, helping to define both the motivation and the behavior prevailing in an organization.
Identifying the values that you want to inspire and guide an organization’s relations is a fundamental part of the design and transformation of an organization’s culture. We create engaging bottom-up projects to choose your values, their declination and the whole plan of diffusion and interiorization.

Vision engineering

Having a clear vision is an essential step in implementing any strategic change. The vision represents a “north” to look at and is representative of a desired state.
We create highly engaging creative sessions to define and represent it. Thanks to the presence of an illustrator, everyone’s ideas are collected, in order to clearly visualize the journey that one wants to undertake from “today” to “tomorrow”, focusing on: necessary skills, possible external and internal barriers/obstacles, time needed.

HR Transformation

Talking about strategic transformation and cultural change, brings to the centre of the stage the role of Human Resources, which are crucial partners for CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to enter headlong into the future. They are the ones who “accompany” people to understand and interpret the novelty in a manner that will preserve their involvement, as well as their active participation and performance.
HR are also required to enter the future first and bring new collaborative solutions to the company that fit the strategy currently being developed. They are the true agents of change that innovate and guide people to allow change to be lasting over time. We support the Human Resources Departments in identifying new solutions for collaboration, evaluation and performance boosting, as well as leaner and more participative organizational models, training solutions in line with the social and digital environment.