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Choosing the right people, creating the optimal balance between skills, personal traits and role, knowing the full potential within the company to build clear succession plans, are some of the key elements for building the success of the organization.
No strategic design, however innovative and disruptive, can be a success without the right people making it happen.
Especially in phases of change, understanding how to reassign roles and responsibilities, both for existing and new employees who can reach the organization, can make the difference between success or failure. It is also critical that people develop a deep self-awareness, knowing what the organization wants from them and correctly reading what they offer, so that they can develop a greater personal responsibility, in order to work with mutual personal and organizational satisfaction.

Assessment programs

Our contribution is to provide a precise picture of the individual’s potential and his or her relational characteristics as well as the leadership style and soft skills that are important in assessing his or her alignment with the company’s culture and values.
Our Assessors are all certified and have the possibility of supporting specific interviews and reviews with a wide range of tests that support the evaluation (Insights Discovery, Hogan, MBTI, Belbin, SEI, Vital Sign….). Furthermore, we use tailor-made tools to provide 360° pictures to the managers, allowing them to develop important paths of individual awareness and accountability development.

Succession plan

With the fast-moving pace of evolution to which organizations are exposed and the smoother flow of resources, having a clear succession plan for all key figures of the organization is absolutely vital.
Through our assessment processes and with the best use of performance management solutions, we are able to allow the company in identifying talents within the organization and supporting them in a dedicated growth path to prepare them for greater responsibility roles awaiting them.

Engaged performance survey

When launching change projects, it is very important to know the level of involvement and participation of all company resources. We know that engagement affects 60% of performance.
Through a suite of diagnostic tools, we provide a precise picture of the willingness to change throughout the organization by mapping out those involved, neutral and demotivated. The results can be divided by seniority, Functions, geographic locations or offices, roles, etc… These tools also allow you to determine whether Leaders are believed to be credible as Change Agents and whether Teams are effective in carrying out the transformation.