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The right culture and talent are not enough to bring about major transformations. People, as keys for change, need to fully understand the new strategy, participate in shaping it and sometimes change the paradigms in order to achieve it. This process of both personal and team transformation must be supported, facilitated and trained. In this historical moment of great uncertainty, constant turbulence and perpetual movement, many competences require to be learned because they are new, updated because they have changed, modified because they act in a dysfunctional way.
In order to do this, it is necessary for people to acquire a mindset that is much more oriented towards check-ups, the search for feedback, the maturing of awareness of their own effectiveness and functioning mechanisms, and to train themselves to generate answers and performances more in line with the needs of the organization, in a proactive and stimulating way.

Coaching program

We believe our coaching path is the perfect training program for corporate talents. Coach and Coachees exchange their views on how reality around themselves is observed, how this type of observation influences behaviors, assessments and personal strategies.
The possibility of changing the lenses with which the world is observed is stimulated to experience its influence on actions, interpretations and performance. Coaching conversations aim to widen the field of observation, taking a distance from the action and greater self-awareness, finally coming back to operation, enriched by a fresh perspective.

Leadership development labs

In order to allow leaders to be true facilitators of the understanding and guidance of the strategic transformation of the organization through their collaborators, it is necessary that they are not only technically qualified but that they also possess a “leadership mentality”.
We train leaders through 3 educational and experimental workshops: Lab1: Guide others by knowing themselves – Lab2: guide others by providing a vision – Lab3: guide others by developing their potential.

Team dynamics & development

Do teams work together efficiently and effectively? Do the dynamics within the group increase their value or do they weaken people and results?
Some diagnostics help us in better understanding the roles of group’s members and their possible dysfunctions, to redesign the team so that their collaboration allows a measurable added value for both people and the organization.

Performance management

In such a fluid and evolving scenario, “caring for” performance is strategic for both the organization and people themselves. The issue of evaluation has always been critical for organizations and very often it becomes a bureaucratic fulfillment instead of the managerial process par excellence. A proper Performance Management Process allows managers and employees to grow and have a real impact on company results.
We create and implement evaluation systems that are not linked to the concept of “scoreboard” but rather to that of development. We support managers in learning the value of feedback and making excellent use of it. Through this dialogue, we support our collaborators in the search for greater awareness of the impact of their own performance on the company’s strategy and new impulses for the growth of their skills.

Skills fitness center

This is a project that integrates skills’ assessment and development in an innovative manner. It does not involve the launch of evaluation or spot training initiatives but creates a real in-house skills gym that allows employees to check-up their skills at any time of the year and to access precise training programs both individually and in a team.
The principle follows that of the gym and stimulates a culture of personal responsibility towards the care for one’s employability. Every employee may have access to the Fitness Center either on his or her own initiative or on the basis of a company recommendation.