We employ a wide range of tools that help people and teams in their awareness processes, talent recognition, skills enhancement and cultural transformation.

Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument

A tool to measure the existing corporate culture and the desired one. Through a structured survey it is possible to make a snapshot of the current culture of a team or an organization and plan together its transformation, according to the strategy and the business goals.

This is a suite of «corporate transformation tools»: survey tools aimed at helping companies, consultants and human resources professionals to develop and manage the culture of their organization. These tools are based on the “Seven Levels of Consciousness” Barrett model.

This is a diagnostic tool for understanding one’s own style of relationship, recognizing the relationship styles of others in order to increase one’s own personal effectiveness, team effectiveness, ability to cooperate and conflict management.

This is a set of scientifically designed and tested tools to support people in developing their emotional, relational and social skills. The suite is focused on measuring those key competences of Intelligence and Emotional Performance that have an impact on important success factors such as: Effectiveness, Relationship, Wellness and Quality of Life.

This is a collection of both self-assessment and 360° tools, designed to raise the awareness of one’s own leadership skills and the impact of one’s style within his or her business environment. These tools are useful for both the rating and the transformation of leaders and organizations.

This tool is designed to identify what an individual owns in terms of skills, abilities and knowledge;

how a person behaves by nature and how he or she adapts his or her behavioral style to face different situations;

why does that person adopt those behaviors, what are the reasons that push him or her to act in a certain way?